Beaches and Biodiversity

It’s August, and for me, that means beach time. Sun, sand and waves feel great, but it’s also about shorebirds, sea turtles and seashells. In other words, biodiversity. Part of the exhilaration I feel on my summer vacation comes from the wildlife I encounter while there. So it seems particularly fitting that Ensia published my article on environmental DNA (eDNA) this month.  In it, I reveal how leaps in DNA sequencing allow scientists to detect even rare species in marine and aquatic ecosystems Read more [...]
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Tigers and Turtles

Few creatures are more charismatic than tigers.  Big, beautiful, and powerfully ferocious, tigers embody traits that captivate people immediately -- whether we like to admit it or not.  That attraction has become their ruin.  As writer Sharon Guynup and photographer Steve Winter chronicle in their book Tigers Forever, the skyrocketing market for tiger parts in China has fast-tracked their demise.  Fewer than 3,200 tigers now remain in the wild.  In an interview for The Washington Post, Sharon Read more [...]
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