It’s not about you. But…

A nonfiction writer always faces a fundamental question when beginning a piece of work, namely: Do I insert myself in the narrative? If the piece is about oneself, then the answer is obvious. But most of us are writing about other topics, and inserting oneself often simply gets in the way. Still, there are times when a writer’s role in the story is impossible to ignore. My most recent feature in The Observer reflects one of those times. When news broke this past winter about a beloved local Read more [...]
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The seabirds of summer

It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since I spent two weeks in Bar Harbor, Maine as part of the Johns Hopkins Summer Conference on Craft. As a kid, I was always thrilled to get out of school each June to play outside. But as a grownup who never gets her summers off, going to summer school as part of my graduate program in nonfiction writing was actually the best way to spend some real time outside. There, science writing program coordinator Melissa Joyce arranged awesome field trips Read more [...]
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