Coming home

That’s me in the banner pic above, hiking across the prairie of Wind Cave National Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota on vacation last month, channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder (whose books I devoured as a kid) and seeking out as much charismatic megafauna as I could. (Tatanka everywhere!) There’s something captivating about the American West; a longing that poet Emily Walters called the “internal West” in a recent essay for High Country News. I first felt my own internal West as Read more [...]
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It’s not about you. But…

A nonfiction writer always faces a fundamental question when beginning a piece of work, namely: Do I insert myself in the narrative? If the piece is about oneself, then the answer is obvious. But most of us are writing about other topics, and inserting oneself often simply gets in the way. Still, there are times when a writer’s role in the story is impossible to ignore. My most recent feature in The Observer reflects one of those times. When news broke this past winter about a beloved local Read more [...]
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