Success story or fluke? The forest lion of Gabon

It was hard not to feel excited when the video footage landed in my inbox a few weeks ago. Researchers studying chimpanzees in the forests of Gabon’s Batéké Plateau National Park had captured footage of a solitary male lion on a remote camera - the first lion spotted in Gabon in 20 years. The national park was fairly young, established in 2002 as one of 13 new parks designated in Gabon that year. Hunting had decimated wildlife on the plateau in previous decades, and when biologist Philip Henschel Read more [...]
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Expanding the conservation tent

As I wrote my recent article for High Country News, I felt torn. Like many conservationists, I value biodiversity and natural ecosystems for their own sake, regardless of any tangible benefit they provide to humanity. That’s the argument for saving nature that conservation icons going back more than 100 years have made to help protect America’s wilderness, parks, and wildlife --and the argument that has captivated millions of us for generations. When so-called “new conservationists” began Read more [...]
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