An epic challenge

The snow in the Chic-Choc  Mountains  of Quebec wasn’t quite deep enough for John Davis to ski the final legs of his 7600 mile trek.  But as we sat in a Union Station restaurant in Washington DC this week, just five days after the completion of his epic 10 month journey, Davis ticked off the other modes of personal transport that had propelled him forward … Continue reading An epic challenge

New horizons, new submission

There’s a freedom in preaching to the choir.  Namely, you’ve already got their hearts,  so now you can focus on their minds.   Unquestionably, a writer needs to grab her readers’ attention and keep them engaged, regardless.  But the starting point matters.  The more the readers already know and care, the deeper the writer can dive. So I’ve decided to submit an article to Grist, the … Continue reading New horizons, new submission

Inside out

Every year I grapple with the same thing.  The first weekend in November typically is gorgeous, with the sun just strong enough by midday to shine a few final bursts of warmth through the bare trees before it withdraws into the dark and cold of December.  Most of the leaves are down, although a few still decorate the landscape with splotches of orange or red … Continue reading Inside out