Other work


Effective Ecolabeling:  Lessons from the Past and Questions for the Future in Fisheries. A white paper prepared by Amy Mathews Amos for Resources Legacy Fund and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.  September 2009.

Certification as a Conservation Tool in the Marine Aquarium Trade:  Challenges to Effectiveness. Prepared by Amy Mathews Amos, Turnstone Consulting and John D. Claussen, Starling Resources for the Kingfisher Foundation.  May 2009.

Ocean Legacy Project:  Promising MPA Sites in Selected Areas Around the World. A draft report to The Pew Charitable Trusts.  By Amy Mathews Amos, Hank Cauley, and Sarah Clark Stuart. December 15, 2006.

Moving Forward:  A Snapshot of U.S. Activities in Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management. A report to the Lenfest Ocean Program at The Pew Charitable Trusts.  By Amy Mathews Amos, Turnstone Consulting.  March 14, 2005 and June 2005.

Seafood Watch Seafood Report:  White hake (Urophyscis tenuis).  Prepared for the Monterey Bay Aquarium by Amy Mathews Amos, Turnstone Consulting.  October 5, 2004.

Seafood Watch Seafood Report:  Silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis), Red hake (Urophysis chuss), Offshore hake (M. albidus).  Prepared for the Monterey Bay Aquarium by Amy Mathews Amos, Turnstone Consulting.  October 5, 2004.

An Independent Assessment of the Marine Stewardship Council.  Prepared for Homeland Foundation, Oak Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts by Scott Highleyman, Amy Mathews Amos, and Hank Cauley. January 2004.

An Assessment of the Adequacy of the Authority of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act to Establish a Network of Fully Protected Areas.  Prepared for the Pew Charitable Trusts by The Turnstone Group in association with Baach Robinson and Lewis, PLLC. June 2003.

Improving Observer Coverage in Federally-Managed Fisheries:  An Approach for Advocacy.  Prepared for The Pew Charitable Trusts by Amy Mathews Amos.  December 2002.

A Vision for 2005: Integrating NGO Perspectives.  Report to the Marine Stewardship Council Board of Trustees by David Festa and Amy Mathews Amos.  February 2002.


Restoring the Everglades: Public Participation in Federal Efforts.  U.S. General Accounting Office (1995). GAO/RCED-96-5.

Ecosystem Management:  Additional Actions Needed to Adequately Test a Promising Approach.  U.S. General Accounting Office (1994). GAO/RCED-94-111.

Water Transfers:  More Efficient Water Use Possible, If Problems are Addressed.  U.S. General Accounting Office (1994) GAO/RCED-94-35.

Water Markets:  Increasing Federal Revenues Through Water Transfers.  U.S. General Accounting Office (1994). GAO/RCED-94-164.

Water Subsidies:  Impact of Higher Irrigation Rates on Central Valley Project Farmers. U.S. General Accounting Office (1994).  GAO/RCED-94-8.

Bureau of Reclamation:  Central Valley Project Cost Allocation Overdue and New Method Needed.  U.S. General Accounting Office (1992) GAO/RCED-92-74.

Reclamation Law:  Changes Needed Before Water Service Contracts Are Renewed. U.S. General Accounting Office   (1991).  GAO/RCED-91-175.


Safeguarding American’s Seas: Establishing a National System of Marine Protected Areas. Marine Conservation Biology Institute, February 14, 2000 (leading to establishment of Executive Order 13158 issued by President Clinton on May 26, 2000).

Turning up the Heat: How Global Warming Threatens Life in the Sea. Amy Mathews-Amos and Ewann A. Berntson.  World Wildlife Fund, Washington DC (1999).

Costly Corps: How the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Spends Your Tax Dollars to Destroy America’s Natural Resources. Gulf Restoration Network, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Wash. DC (1996)

Global Climate Change, Electric Utilities and Energy Policy.  Technical Report, Indiana State Utility Forecasting Group. Prepared by A.E. Mathews and J.C. Randolph (1992).

An Analysis of the Significance of Emissions Control Regulations Upon the Electrical Utility Industry in the State of Indiana. Technical Report, Indiana State Utility Forecasting Group.  Prepared by J.C. Randolph, A.E. Mathews, S. Redman, K. Reininga and T. Spranger. (1989).

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