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My View: Vaccine-only approach won’t prevent serious illness. Santa Fe New Mexican. June 19, 2022.

From overworked land to wildlife sanctuary: Ted Turner’s Vermejo Ranch strives for sustainability. Earth Touch News Network. February 17, 2022.

Pitching in for pronghorn: Private landowners extend a helping hand to American antelope. Earth Touch News. Network. February 7, 2022.

High hopes at the Santa Fe Raptor Center. Santa Fean. June/July 2021 (Print and online editions)

Ancient Acequias Meet Modern Challenges. Santa Fean. April/May 2021. (Print edition)

Better than streaming: BirdingSanta Fean. February/March 2021. (Print and online editions)

Big horns, Big Viewing. Santa Fean. December 16, 2020. (Online edition)

Tarantulas’ winter “digs” Santa Fean. October 31, 2020. (Online edition)

Can saving jaguars sustain local economies? Ensia. July 3, 2019. (Republished from The Revelator.)

Wildlife habitat generation champions hope to build a jaguar-based restoration economy in southern Arizona. Revitalization. July 1, 2019 (Republished from The Revelator.)

Can saving jaguars help local economies? Earth Touch News. June 20, 2019. (Republished from The Revelator.)

Can saving jaguars sustain local economies? The Revelator. June 18, 2019.

Salmon slime helps scientists count migrating fishScientific American. May 2019 (online and print).

Jaguars thrive in lightly logged forests.  Scientific American. June 19, 2018 (online), August 2018 (print).

Trump administration pauses California’s solar energy truce. High Country News. May 31, 2018 (online), June 25, 2018 (print).

Bird, interruptedScientific American. April 2018.

Where did the West go?  The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. March 27, 2018.

Lobos in limbo:  The halting recovery of the Mexican wolf. Earth Touch News. February 7, 2018.

Wildlife in the borderlands:  Isolated ocelots face a new dangerEarth Touch News. November 27, 2017.

Poop: When everyone looked up, I looked down.  Medium. September 2, 2017.

National Monuments: “The Teddy Roosevelt cure.” The Revelator. August 21, 2017

The right place to roost. The Observer.  April 2017.

How the lure of frankincense puts Arabian leopards in danger. Earth Touch News. December 24, 2016.

Five-piece followup.  The Observer. December 2016.

Saving ourselves by saving the past.  Fluent Magazine.  Fall 2016. p. 21-23.

A walk through living history in Jefferson County.  The Observer. September 2016.

Can three young cubs bring Persian leopards back to Russia’s wilderness?  Earth Touch News.  July 20, 2016.

Birthplace of Rivers – West Virginia’s first National Monument?  The Observer. July, 2016.

Bat killings by wind energy turbines continue.  Scientific American. June 7, 2016.

It’s here: Human trafficking in our own back yard.  The Observer.  May 2016.

Keeping it real:  How farmers’ markets verify producer claims.  Civil Eats.  April, 20, 2016.

Anatomy of a bike path.  The Observer.  April 2016.

The Elk River spill two years later:  Congress moves on chemical reform.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  February 2016.

Gathering in unity, celebrating diversity.  The Observer of Clarke County.  December 2015.

Pioneers for a new way of aging in place.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  December 2015.

A conversation with Dennis Banks. (founder of the American Indian Movement). The Observer of Clarke County.  October 2015.

The long walks:  a conversation with Dennis Banks. The Observer of Jefferson County. November 2015.

Screening for the future.  Fluent Magazine.  Fall 2015 p. 32.

Unlocking the mystery of mysteries in “Islands of Creation.”   The Observer of Jefferson County.  October 2015.

On the brink: The tenuous fate of the iconic Hilltop House.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  October 2015.

Whistling “super-cows” could help save Colombia’s jaguars.  Earth  Touch News. August 13, 2015.

Lost innocence for farm market customersThe Observer of Jefferson County.  August 2015.

Buried treasures in Blondie Bay.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  July 2015.

The forest lion of Gabon.  Pacific Standard.  April 16, 2015.

How faith plays into the new conservation debate High Country News.  January 19, 2015.

MCHM:  Why the mystery?  The Observer of Jefferson County.  January 2015. p. 18-19.

The weather outside is frightful. The Observer of Jefferson County and The Observer of Clarke County. December 2014.

Why they stray:  The evolutionary advantages of infidelity.  Pacific Standard.  November 5, 2014.

Corridor H – the onetime highway of hope.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  November 2014.

The dance between conservation and art.  Fluent Magazine.  Fall 2014. p. 32.

Murky watersThe Observer of Clarke County.  October 15, 2014.

A dam shame. The Observer of Jefferson County.  October 2014.

Clean Water Act revisions supported by businesses, sportsmen.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  October 2014.

Invasive species on the menu in New OrleansEarth Touch News. September 17, 2014.

Altered Eden:  A new era for America’s wilderness.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  September 2014.

Biodiversity detectives solve mysteries with environmental DNA.  Earth Touch News Network.  August 13, 2014.

Biodiversity detectives solve mysteries with environmental DNAEnsia. August 4, 2014.

Tiger populations are dwindling because of poaching and habitat destruction.  The Washington Post.  July 8, 2014.

Sex in the grass:  What a noisy little bird tells us about fidelity.  Earth Touch News Network.  July 3, 2014.

Southern Discomfort:  A local species faces global challenges. The Observer of Clarke County and  The Observer of Jefferson County, July 2014.

Race for the Rivers: James Rumsey’s Steamboat Legacy.  Wonderful West Virginia magazine.  July 2014.  p. 20 – 23.

Tall tower vs. historic house.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  June 2014.  p. 14 -15.

Rx for summer:  Get outside.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  May 2014. p. 14-17.

With a World Cup debut looming, a rare cheetah’s plight is in for some global attention.  Earth Touch News Network.  April 12, 2014.

Tilting Windmills:  Dead bats and the search for clean energy. The Observer of Jefferson County. April 2014.

In Iran, the Persian leopard’s last standEarth Touch News Network.  March 18, 2014.

In Zoning, Learning from the Past.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  February 2014.

What’s wild?  The battle for nature in the 21st Century.  Pacific Standard.  February 11, 2014.

Slo-Mo:  Cultivating contemplation through filmFluent Magazine. October/November 2013. p.23- 25.

Antibacterial everything really is a bad idea  Pacific Standard.  October 7, 2013.

The little turtle and the big blue sea.   The Observer of Jefferson County.  September 2013.

It’s the health care, stupid.  Pacific Standard.  July 30, 2013.

The hidden hazards in your laundry basketEcoWatch.  June 28, 2013.

Hunting for cougars?  Try downmarket.  Pacific Standard.  June 26, 2013.

Myofascial pain syndrome often leaves doctors baffled and patients untreatedThe Washington Post.  Health and Science Section.  June 18, 2013.

(Note to fellow patients seeking relief:  Please also see this NYT article about pelvic massage.  I did not write the NYT article, but urge others to read it if they have any concerns about pelvic floor massage: Pelvic Massage Can Be Legitimate, but Not in Larry Nassar’s Hands. )

Passages. The Observer of Jefferson County.  May 2013.

After four decades of protection, marine mammals at risk from budget cuts. EcoWatch.  December 28, 2012.

Dispelling myths, one film at a time.  The Observer.  November 2012

Film fix:  An an antidote for what ails us.  Fluent Magazine.  Sep-Oct 2012 p. 12.

The power of the surf.  The Observer, August 2011. pg 6.


I drew on years of experience in conservation to provide commentary to Blue Ridge Press, a nationally distributed syndicated column service that focuses on the environment and on the environmental perspectives of current affairs. The columns were commissioned by Blue Ridge Press editors, and offered free of charge to newspapers, newsweeklies, and magazines, which publish the commentary in their print and online editions.

Spring Frog Song Fading? Blue Ridge Press, March 8, 2013 – April 5, 2013 appeared in numerous newspapers around the U.S. Here is just a sample:

And from the frog’s perspective:

The Greatest Unroad Trip Ever, Blue Ridge Press, May 14, 2012 – September 11, 2012 appeared in numerous newspapers around the U.S.  Here is just a sample:

The Straight Dope on Antibacterial Soap, Blue Ridge Press, February 20, 2012 – March 15, 2012, appeared in numerous newpapers around the U.S.  Here is just sample:

Obama Enacts Ocean Zoning, Blue Ridge Press.  July 19, 2010 appeared in numerous newspapers around the U.S. including:

Killing Nemo, Blue Ridge Press. February 2010 appeared in numerous newspapers across the U.S. including:

  • Viewpoint: Losing our oceans one fish at a time. Kalamazoo Gazette.  February 28, 2010
  • World is losing its precious oceans one fish at a time Pocono Record. February 2, 2010.

Can Aquaculture Feed the World?  Blue Ridge Press. September 9, 2009 appeared in numerous newspapers across the U.S. including:


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