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Selected articles

My View: Vaccine-only approach won’t prevent serious illness. Santa Fe New Mexican. June 19, 2022.

A walk through living history in Jefferson County.  The Observer. September 2016

It’s here: Human trafficking in our own back yard.  The Observer.  May 2016

Keeping it real:  How farmers’ markets verify producer claims.  Civil Eats.  April, 20, 2016

Anatomy of a bike path.  The Observer.  April 2016.

The Elk River spill two years later:  Congress moves on chemical reform The Observer of Jefferson County.  February 2016.

Gathering in unity, celebrating diversity.  The Observer of Clarke County.  December 2015.

A conversation with Dennis Banks. (founder of the American Indian Movement). The Observer of Clarke County.  October 2015.

On the brink: The tenuous fate of the iconic Hilltop House.  The Observer of Jefferson County.  October 2015.

Lost innocence for farm market customersThe Observer of Jefferson County.  August 2015.

MCHM:  Why the mystery?  The Observer of Jefferson County.  January 2015. p. 18-19

Race for the rivers: James Rumsey’s steamboat legacy.  Wonderful West Virginia magazine.  July 2014.  p. 20 – 23.

Antibacterial everything really is a bad idea  Pacific Standard.  October 7, 2013

It’s the health care, stupid.  Pacific Standard.  July 30, 2013

The hidden hazards in your laundry basket.  EcoWatch.  June 28, 2013

Hunting for cougars?  Try downmarket.  Pacific Standard.  June 26, 2013.

Myofascial pain syndrome often leaves doctors baffled and patients untreated.  The Washington Post.  Health and Science Section.  June 18, 2013.

The Straight Dope on Antibacterial Soap, Blue Ridge Press, February 20, 2012 – March 15, 2012 appeared in:

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