What’s the best way to reach people in this hyper cyber age?  Faster?  Shorter?  Zippier? Read how National Park Service filmmaker John Grabowska is going long, leisurely and literary to capture his crowd in my latest piece for Fluent Magazine (p. 23).  Hear his stories of charging grizzlies and more while filming The Ends of the Earth, on November 3 at the American Conservation Film … Continue reading Slo-Mo

The power of place

My people have always moved.  Place has never been as important as opportunity.  Hence, my maternal grandparents crossed the Atlantic in 1929 to escape the economic collapse that had already occurred in England (only to encounter it a few months later in America when the stock market crashed).  My grandmother was an old hand at immigration by then.  She previously had left Ireland for England, … Continue reading The power of place

Hearts and minds

Sometimes you see things only when you’re looking for them.  Or as a wise friend of mine says “the teacher emerges when the student is ready to learn.”   Perhaps that’s why I keep running into Randy Olson’s stuff these days.  Olson is the Harvard-trained Ph.D. biologist who gave up a tenured professorship at the University of New Hampshire to move to Hollywood and become a … Continue reading Hearts and minds