Proud winner of a Humane Society Genesis Award

Sometimes it pays to get up in the middle of the night, drive through the dark cold loneliness of a December morning, and wait in freezing temperatures to enter a wolf den (well okay, a wolf pen). That’s what I did while researching my story, Lobos in Limbo: The Halting Recovery of the Mexican Wolf, which recently won a Genesis Award from the Humane Society … Continue reading Proud winner of a Humane Society Genesis Award

Hope and Healing in the Desert

We pulled into Lee’s Ferry Campground around 8 pm. That wasn’t the plan. The plan was to make it all the way to the Kaibab National Forest by nightfall. But we were hungry and tired after an eight-hour drive across the desert and several misadventures in the Hopi town of Tuba City: A lost credit card, empty filling stations, and a single small grocery with … Continue reading Hope and Healing in the Desert

Desert People

I guess I’m a desert person now. That’s what Pat Flanagan, a 78-year old activist I interviewed for a recent High Country News article called herself. Pat has lived in southern California for decades, but it wasn’t until 2002 that she could move to the far reaches of San Bernardino County into the Mojave Desert. Which she did upon retirement because, well, she’s a desert … Continue reading Desert People

To fathers of daughters who love the outdoors

I still don’t know if sharing this eulogy is a good idea or not. Is it exploiting my father’s death? Is it self-indulgent (well, yes). Can I rationalize some larger purpose for sharing it? How about this: On this Father’s Day of 2018, I share my eulogy of my father, who died in 2017, to inspire all fathers to spend time with their daughters – … Continue reading To fathers of daughters who love the outdoors

How to catch a wolf

First, get up in the middle of the night and drive through the freezing December cold to a wildlife refuge in New Mexico about an hour down the interstate. Then, meet a caravan of biologists and volunteers at an abandoned restaurant right off the highway. When everyone has arrived, follow the line of traffic into the refuge. After you pass through the second gate, abandon … Continue reading How to catch a wolf

Where did the West go?

The road stretched straight and flat before me, like you’d see in a sports car commercial or a Dennis Hopper movie. On either side, the land spread wide and open. Not quite flat–with a bit of a roll here and there–dotted continuously with juniper and other unidentifiable desert shrubs. I had been traveling out West for almost six weeks since leaving my home in West … Continue reading Where did the West go?