Knowing your place

“Who can figure out where we are?” asks river guide John DeMary of the 40-odd high school students surrounding him.  He hands out maps of the Chesapeake Bay watershed showing ancient landmarks like the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers along with more modern features like Washington DC and Baltimore.  “When you think you know where we are on the map, bring it back.” Where are we … Continue reading Knowing your place

More Nemo news

How’s this for hard breaking news:  Nemo’s friends are in trouble.  Today, Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post reported on a new study by scientists at Simon Fraser University and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature on the status of creatures featured in the 2003 animated Disney film Finding Nemo.  Nemo of course is the young clownfish snatched from his coral reef home … Continue reading More Nemo news

Killing Nemo video

Here’s a new twist on some previous work:  Last year I published commentary in Blue Ridge Press alerting readers to the alarming reality of the animated film Finding Nemo.  Reality you say? Well, at least part of it is – the part about a clownfish from a tropical reef ending up in a dentist’s office aquarium is actually an everyday occurrence.  Every year tens of … Continue reading Killing Nemo video