Tigers and turtles

Few creatures are more charismatic than tigers.  Big, beautiful, and powerfully ferocious, tigers embody traits that captivate people immediately — whether we like to admit it or not.  That attraction has become their ruin.  As writer Sharon Guynup and photographer Steve Winter chronicle in their book Tigers Forever, the skyrocketing market for tiger parts in China has fast-tracked their demise.  Fewer than 3,200 tigers now remain … Continue reading Tigers and turtles

Leopards in Iran? Who knew?

I’ve always loved the big cats. As a kid, I covered my bedroom wall with posters of lions and tigers and pumas (never bears – although bears are great too). I ordered the posters along with my paperbacks through (I think) Scholastic Achievement Books. Every month at school we’d get a chance to buy something new, and it was one indulgence my mother never protested. … Continue reading Leopards in Iran? Who knew?

Hooray for hatchlings: baby sea turtles make it to the sea

Summer may be over, but its sea turtles live on.  At least loggerhead turtles on North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island do.   Loggerheads are a threatened species in the southeastern United States, but the National Park Service reported a record number of sea turtle nests this summer on Ocracoke Island (which is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore).  I was lucky enough to see one … Continue reading Hooray for hatchlings: baby sea turtles make it to the sea

It’s deadly being green

The proof is in:  pesticides are poisoning frogs.  See my recent article for Blue Ridge Press as it appeared in the Yonkers Tribune,   the Ames Tribune and (from the frog’s perspective) the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.  Blue Ridge Press is a non-profit environmental news service, providing features and commentary to community newspapers around the U.S.   Other publications printing the article include: Westchester Guardian (NY) Clarke County … Continue reading It’s deadly being green