One year, an impossible task

It’s festival week as I write this, specifically; the 14th annual American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF). I’ve been involved with the fest for well over 10 years now (I’ve lost count), and pulling it off each fall is a year round effort. It starts right after the festival ends, typically with a well-earned celebration at a local bar where we review our numbers, pat ourselves … Continue reading One year, an impossible task

West comes east

That tiny dot in the photo is me, hiking across the prairie of Wind Cave National Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota on vacation in September, channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder (whose books I devoured as a kid) and seeking out as much charismatic megafauna as I could. (Tatanka everywhere!) There’s something captivating about the American West; a longing that poet Emily Walters called … Continue reading West comes east

Celebrating conservation film

Every fall for the past 12 years the historic town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia hosts the American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF) for four days. I’ve been involved with ACFF for eight or nine of those years (I honestly can’t remember when I started) as a member of the Board and now as a selector. That means I get to watch all the films submitted – … Continue reading Celebrating conservation film


What’s the best way to reach people in this hyper cyber age?  Faster?  Shorter?  Zippier? Read how National Park Service filmmaker John Grabowska is going long, leisurely and literary to capture his crowd in my latest piece for Fluent Magazine (p. 23).  Hear his stories of charging grizzlies and more while filming The Ends of the Earth, on November 3 at the American Conservation Film … Continue reading Slo-Mo