Really? Microbe-free ears?

I first wrote about antibacterial soaps and personal care products more than a year ago after I erroneously bought antibacterial Q-Tips.  Two recently released studies got me thinking about this topic again.   In one, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined illness and death linked to antibiotic resistant “superbugs” and pinned the blame on hospitals and farms for their excessive antibiotic use.   The other, … Continue reading Really? Microbe-free ears?

Not so super

The rise of so-called superbugs like MRSA (Methicillan-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has made us super vigilant against germs.  And marketers have picked up on that.  Up to 75% of hand soap now sold is antibacterial.  But is that really necessary?  The Food and Drug Administration says no.  So when I mistakenly bought anti-bacterial Q-tips (really?) I lost patience.  After researching the “qt” on the antibacterial craze, … Continue reading Not so super