Are we there yet?

Summer time is road trip time for many people.  But conservation athlete John Davis took a different route last year:  He followed the wildest path possible when he traveled from Key Largo Florida to Canada’s Gaspe peninsula, shunning roads for the rivers, wetlands and woods of eastern North America to complete his cross continental trek.  I wrote about Davis’ journey in this blog when he … Continue reading Are we there yet?

New horizons, new submission

There’s a freedom in preaching to the choir.  Namely, you’ve already got their hearts,  so now you can focus on their minds.   Unquestionably, a writer needs to grab her readers’ attention and keep them engaged, regardless.  But the starting point matters.  The more the readers already know and care, the deeper the writer can dive. So I’ve decided to submit an article to Grist, the … Continue reading New horizons, new submission