New horizons, new submission

There’s a freedom in preaching to the choir.  Namely, you’ve already got their hearts,  so now you can focus on their minds.   Unquestionably, a writer needs to grab her readers’ attention and keep them engaged, regardless.  But the starting point matters.  The more the readers already know and care, the deeper the writer can dive. So I’ve decided to submit an article to Grist, the … Continue reading New horizons, new submission

A frightening future: Overpopulation

A scary thing will happen this Halloween:   the world’s population will reach seven billion people according to a new United Nations Population Fund report.  That’s six billion more than existed just 200 years ago  and twice as many as 1960.  Each person requires food, water, shelter, clothing, health care, and ideally, opportunities for self-fulfillment – a tall order on a crowded planet. Providing adequately for … Continue reading A frightening future: Overpopulation