The price we pay

The irony was indeed cruel.  My article on Obamacare and job lock had just been published in Pacific Standard.  In it, I examined some of the economic research showing that, under the current system of health care, many Americans work in their jobs only for the health insurance.  I shared some of my own experience making the leap from full time job to freelance consultant … Continue reading The price we pay

More myofascial

More than five years after I felt my first symptoms, two years after I received my diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome, and a year after I finally resolved my remaining pelvic pain, The Washington Post published my article on myofascial pain in the Health and Science section on June 18, 2013.  Myofascial pain and the strange bladder symptoms it triggered had dominated my life for … Continue reading More myofascial

Fresh as a…chemical plant?

I did something on vacation this spring that I normally never do:  I sent my clothes to the laundry.  Usually I pride myself on packing so wisely that I can last a week out of a carry-on bag, and I’m typically not staying in a place swanky enough to actually “do” laundry.  But on this family vacation at an “adventure” resort we had hiked through … Continue reading Fresh as a…chemical plant?