More myofascial

More than five years after I felt my first symptoms, two years after I received my diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome, and a year after I finally resolved my remaining pelvic pain, The Washington Post published my article on myofascial pain in the Health and Science section on June 18, 2013.  Myofascial pain and the strange bladder symptoms it triggered had dominated my life for … Continue reading More myofascial

Fresh as a…chemical plant?

I did something on vacation this spring that I normally never do:  I sent my clothes to the laundry.  Usually I pride myself on packing so wisely that I can last a week out of a carry-on bag, and I’m typically not staying in a place swanky enough to actually “do” laundry.  But on this family vacation at an “adventure” resort we had hiked through … Continue reading Fresh as a…chemical plant?

Not so super

The rise of so-called superbugs like MRSA (Methicillan-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has made us super vigilant against germs.  And marketers have picked up on that.  Up to 75% of hand soap now sold is antibacterial.  But is that really necessary?  The Food and Drug Administration says no.  So when I mistakenly bought anti-bacterial Q-tips (really?) I lost patience.  After researching the “qt” on the antibacterial craze, … Continue reading Not so super

Vegetarian cat food and other abnormalities

In a piece reposted recently on E Magazine’s online version, blogger Ethan Goffman wrote that his two cats have turned him into a vegetarian – or at least a non-mammal eating vegetarian.   After living with cats for the past few years he’s come to appreciate their affectionate purrs and impressive leaps, among other endearing qualities.   As warm-blooded mammals they resemble us in many ways and … Continue reading Vegetarian cat food and other abnormalities

Inside out

Every year I grapple with the same thing.  The first weekend in November typically is gorgeous, with the sun just strong enough by midday to shine a few final bursts of warmth through the bare trees before it withdraws into the dark and cold of December.  Most of the leaves are down, although a few still decorate the landscape with splotches of orange or red … Continue reading Inside out