Not so super

The rise of so-called superbugs like MRSA (Methicillan-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has made us super vigilant against germs.  And marketers have picked up on that.  Up to 75% of hand soap now sold is antibacterial.  But is that really necessary?  The Food and Drug Administration says no.  So when I mistakenly bought anti-bacterial Q-tips (really?) I lost patience.  After researching the “qt” on the antibacterial craze, … Continue reading Not so super

Vegetarian cat food and other abnormalities

In a piece reposted recently on E Magazine’s online version, blogger Ethan Goffman wrote that his two cats have turned him into a vegetarian – or at least a non-mammal eating vegetarian.   After living with cats for the past few years he’s come to appreciate their affectionate purrs and impressive leaps, among other endearing qualities.   As warm-blooded mammals they resemble us in many ways and … Continue reading Vegetarian cat food and other abnormalities

Inside out

Every year I grapple with the same thing.  The first weekend in November typically is gorgeous, with the sun just strong enough by midday to shine a few final bursts of warmth through the bare trees before it withdraws into the dark and cold of December.  Most of the leaves are down, although a few still decorate the landscape with splotches of orange or red … Continue reading Inside out